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Sit Back & Relax

We know things have been a little quite on the blog front of late but hang in there people, because so much wedding goodness is coming your way!. We are busy little beavers at the moment and as the new kids on the block for The Big Day, and based in Christchurch, our goal is to focus a little closer to home. We are also the proud owners of  Charmed Flowers and we plan to share with you our indepth knowledge of all things "Wedding" in Canterbury, and as always, beautiful inspiration and ideas from all over NZ and around the world. So sit back and relax, but stay tuned, because its going to be amazing!

Much love and thank you so very much for your support of The Big Day! x

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Friday I'm In Love

Wow! Now here is a love story if ever I heard it. Spoiler alert: You will need some tissues!

96 year old Fred Stobaugh has written a gorgeous love song for his late wife Lorraine. He entered an online songwiting competition with his hand penned song that he made in memory of his darling wife of 75 years.

Even though he didn't sing the song or enter a video, the recording studio was so deeply touched by his letter that they produced and recorded the song at no cost.

Watch the video and watch Fred listening to 'her song' for the very first time.

Happy Friday Folks and pass me the tissues please!


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Hello Thursday - how has this week got to Thursday already! I hope your week has gone well so far.  Recently Ang and I were very lucky to receive some fabulous goodies from Dave and the lovely team at Wishlantern to try out. Wishlantern are a New Zealand based company who supply the fabulous and very popular sky lanterns for weddings and special occasions, as well as a range of other gorgeous products - some of my favourites being their gorgeous large round wedding balloons and their very cool confetti cannons!

I first experienced sky lanterns on a gorgeous New Years Eve near the beach on the South Islands West Coast and have loved them ever since! Watching them drift off into the darkness was a fantastic (and definitely memorable!) way to celebrate the New Year, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate a wedding as well. Wishlantern's sky lanterns are wire-free and 100% biodegradable so by using Wishlanterns you're also doing your bit to make sure you're being environmentally conscious as well!

Check out their cool Wishlantern film below and make sure you check out their online shop for some inspiration and gorgeous goodies for your big day! x 

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Friday I'm In Love

Good morning! I hope your Friday has started well and you're looking forward to the weekend. I have a weekend planned catching up with friends and family (and taking it easy!) so I'm very much looking forward to that. 

Today's Friday I'm In Love is a brilliantly timed and captured image from Photographs by Andrea, a South Carolina wedding photographer, whose fabulous image was recently featured on one of our daily favourites - Moment Junkie. This very cool image is called 'The Realization' and I can see why! I am sure this image will be one this couple remember forever and it would definitely be one to show the children and grandchildren on their wedding day!

Happy Friday x

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The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

When it comes to planning your big day we don't think there is such a thing as being overly prepared. You just never know what can happen on the day so it pays to pack a few things into your wedding day emergency kit...call it a wee insurance policy if you will.

Here's our top ten list of items that we think are a must:

1. Double sided tape - this is a fabulous life saver. Think unraveled hems, holding up stockings, holding bits in and even removing pollen from your gorgeous dress!

2. Lucas Paw Paw - can't get enough of this stuff. Think dry lips, rub on your teeth so that your lipstick doesn't stain those pearly whites, insect bites, chaffing....the list goes on.

3. Stain removal wipes or white chalk if you have a white or off white dress - after 10pm you probably won't worry about marks on your dress, but anytime before then, you can be sure to have a mark or two on your dream gown.

4. Sewing and First Aid Kit. Think mini versions - include safety pins, scissors, pins, needle and thread etc

5. Band aids. Brand new shoes + standing on your feet all day and night = blisters. Enough said.

6. Breath mints. You are about to kiss your prince in front of all your friends and family! Dental floss and a cheap toothbrush will also make your mouth icy fresh.

7. Panadol/Nurofen, or whatever is your drug of choice. You have several hundred items running around in that head of yours, not to mention the in-laws, that painful friend of a friend you just had to invite...am sure you'll have a few headaches on the day...best be prepared.

8. Hair ties, bobby pins and hair spray. To ensure no fly away hairs throughout the wonderful (and most expensive) photographs.

9. Deodorant. It's a bloody long day. And you are wearing (most probably) a very heavy dress. And it's tight. Again, enough said.

10. Water, water, water. Rehydrate, you'll probably be having loads of champers too. So if you don't want to be a mess by 8pm, make sure you drink loads of H20.

PS. Email this list to your bridesmaids. It's a great job for them to take care of and one less job for you to think about.

Good Luck x

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Historic Wedding Day

Happy Monday! Today has been a very historic day for marriage in New Zealand, with the Marriage Amendment Act coming into effect where same-sex couples are able to be legally married from today onwards. Today there was an 8.30am rush at registry offices around the country with marriage licences being issued and couples looking to become one of the first same-sex couples to be married in New Zealand. Two radio stations held competitions for couples to get married today and this Auckland couple were one of the first to tie the knot shortly after 8.30am - with another 30 same-sex couples marrying today, including a couple from Australia who came especially to New Zealand so they could get married. Congratulations to Tash + Melissa on their wedding today! Click here to see the video highlights from Tash + Melissa's historic day! 

Image courtesy of ONE News

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Friday I'm In Love

Whoop Whoop it's FRIDAY!!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend planned. I intend to catchup with lots of my girlfriends and have a good ol fashioned laugh.

I just had to share this classic photo from Moment Junkie. It was photographed by BluElla, from Northern California. I would love to know the content of what was in the bridesmaid's speech, that made this lovely bride cower in embarrasment. By the look on the guests faces, I wonder if it was one of those 'personal' jokes...ones only your dearest besties know (and one's you wish they didn't remember).

Happy Friday Folks x

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What To Wear • Spring Wedding Guest

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going great so far. I've heard that this Winter has been referred to as 'Sprinter' the Winter that is more like Spring, and with some of the gorgeous sunny balmy days that we are lucky to be getting, it's definitely time to prepare your wardrobe if you have some spring weddings to attend.  

With some gorgeous spring fashion hitting the stores already, it's a chance to get a head-start on your wardrobe but also purchase some pretty finds that you can team with jackets or wraps to keep warm just in case if the weather gets a little chilly. This gorgeous ink floral dress by Cue is perfect for a spring wedding as it's made from stretch satin fabric but being fully lined will ensure it will keep you nice and toasty, and having closed toe heels to match (with a hint of black so you're not wearing too much white!) it means you can team with sheer tights if you need. I couldn't resist choosing Thierry Mugler's Angel as the fragrance for this outfit, this perfume is my all time favourite and I have been wearing it since way back in 2000, also wore it on my wedding day, and still love it! Eva Mendes is the face of Angel and she is quoted as saying, "Once you commit, once you fall in love with Angel, you wear it for a lifetime." I think I may just be that person! x

Thierry Mugler Angel EDP | Savannah Sparkle Clutch at Forever New | Mimco Romantique Studs | Ink Floral Dress by Cue | Mimco Enamel Bangle | Tony Bianco Twain Heels | Cotton Buds Nail Lacquer by Butter

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Need Party Supplies?

Photo: Our website has been revamped – I love the addition of the blue.   Would love to know what you think of it!   (the odd tweak is still needed here & there)

Needing some fabulous supplies for your wedding? Then you must check out the newly revamped dotsnspots website.

They have everything covered from Stationery, Tableware, Decorations and even some gorgeous Homewares.

I'm just loving these mini pots:

These adorable seed lights:

And these delightful Blue Ball Jars:

Happy Shopping! x


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The Big Day... could be yours!

Hello to our fabulous and loyal The Big Day family! Here at The Big Day we’ve just made one of those BIG decisions… you know, the ones you make after so much agonizing, going back and forth and questioning yourselves as to whether you’re making the right decision or not – a bit like finding two perfect wedding dresses and having to choose just one!!

When we started The Big Day last year, little did we know the whole-hearted dedication that goes in to making a wedding blog so fabulous and we were privileged to be part of that first-hand!  One other thing we didn’t know is how much family, jobs, projects, holidays and general life also come into play when running a successful blog and we realised that our colleagues in the blog world are amazing with the time and effort they put in. 

Therefore sadly, but also happily, we wanted to share with you all that The Big Day is up FOR SALE! We are looking for someone fabulous to take over our gorgeous site as their own but to make sure that The Big Day is still everything you expect it to be and continue it’s success!

We can’t bear to see The Big Day not gracing the world wide web, and we would love to pass our baby onto someone who is passionate about the industry, has time to take on an exciting new challenge and pick up The Big Day where we leave off (including ALL its gorgeous design, brand, and goodness so far!).  

Never fear though… we are still blogging on our lovely site and will continue to do so until our wee baby finds a home, but as one of our lovely readers, please do contact us at hello@thebigday.co.nz if you’re interested in hearing more about The Big Day being up for sale or even would like it as your own!

Much love and thank you so so very much for your support so far for The Big Day – we wouldn’t be the success we are without you! xx

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