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Beaches and Blues

We're just so blessed living in New Zealand where a beach is not too far away and we can use them as we please for a celebration!  If you're considering a beach wedding, there is so much gorgeous inspiration out there and lots of fabulous ideas for how to make a beach wedding comfortable for your guests - think baskets of jandals, personalised bottles of water and wedding programmes as paper fans for guests to use.  When I saw the gorgeous image above of the wedding reception set up on the beach, and with it being our Summer, I couldn't resist putting together some beach and blue inspiration - oh how I'm loving those lanterns! 

1. Seating  2. Groom  3. Lanterns  4. Shoes  5. Reception  6. Sign  7. Flowers + Dress

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    Posted by Arthurdyer, 24/08/2014 12:13am (5 years ago)

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