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Dreamy DIY - Chalk Board Wedding

Using chalkboard details in a wedding makes it very easy to achieve an old-school vibe, one of fun and playfulness and it’s hard to go wrong. Select your details carefully and don’t overdo it. I love how it works against this neutral palette of ivory, grey, blue and black against rustic wood. If you are going to write out your boards yourself, make sure you’re consistent in your font style, take the lead from  from your invitations.

Clever Cookie!

FOr guest favours, cover cookies with black fondant and personalise them with edible chalk OR leave them blank with a piece of chalk for each guest to create their own individual design.  Continue the theme through to your wedding cake by covering all or part of the cake with edible chalk.

How to make candy chalk

Melt about 6-8 ounces of candy melts in a microwave-safe bowl, following instructions on package. Allow to cool a few minutes before scooping into a ziplock bag and sealing.

Place 3-4 straws in a tall glass filled halfway with regular sugar (to keep straws upright). Snip off one corner of the ziplock bag containing melted chocolate and slowly squeeze and fill straws with the chocolate.

Place glass in the freezer for 10-15 minutes to allow chocolate to harden. Remove from freezer. Take a skewer and insert into one end of the straw. Gently push the chocolate out. You now have “chalk” that is not only edible but can be used to write on your chalkboard cake. It is easier to write with smaller pieces of chalk so feel free to break them up before using.

Image Credits: Image Board and Candy Chalk recipe via Fly Away bride | Inviations: inkinvites.co.nz | Cookie Image: Pinterest | Wedding Cake: Artisan Cake Company

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