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The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

When it comes to planning your big day we don't think there is such a thing as being overly prepared. You just never know what can happen on the day so it pays to pack a few things into your wedding day emergency kit...call it a wee insurance policy if you will.

Here's our top ten list of items that we think are a must:

1. Double sided tape - this is a fabulous life saver. Think unraveled hems, holding up stockings, holding bits in and even removing pollen from your gorgeous dress!

2. Lucas Paw Paw - can't get enough of this stuff. Think dry lips, rub on your teeth so that your lipstick doesn't stain those pearly whites, insect bites, chaffing....the list goes on.

3. Stain removal wipes or white chalk if you have a white or off white dress - after 10pm you probably won't worry about marks on your dress, but anytime before then, you can be sure to have a mark or two on your dream gown.

4. Sewing and First Aid Kit. Think mini versions - include safety pins, scissors, pins, needle and thread etc

5. Band aids. Brand new shoes + standing on your feet all day and night = blisters. Enough said.

6. Breath mints. You are about to kiss your prince in front of all your friends and family! Dental floss and a cheap toothbrush will also make your mouth icy fresh.

7. Panadol/Nurofen, or whatever is your drug of choice. You have several hundred items running around in that head of yours, not to mention the in-laws, that painful friend of a friend you just had to invite...am sure you'll have a few headaches on the day...best be prepared.

8. Hair ties, bobby pins and hair spray. To ensure no fly away hairs throughout the wonderful (and most expensive) photographs.

9. Deodorant. It's a bloody long day. And you are wearing (most probably) a very heavy dress. And it's tight. Again, enough said.

10. Water, water, water. Rehydrate, you'll probably be having loads of champers too. So if you don't want to be a mess by 8pm, make sure you drink loads of H20.

PS. Email this list to your bridesmaids. It's a great job for them to take care of and one less job for you to think about.

Good Luck x

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