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What to Wear: Glam Hens Night

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend (they really are just all too short though aren't they?!) mine was very very relaxing and spent soaking up a bit of this gorgeous Summer sun.

We are loving bringing you our What to Wear posts and putting together some fab finds that are accessible to us in our gorgeous little corner of the earth. A hens night is the perfect time to get your glam on and enjoy a night of fun with the girls, and even though the beau in your life won't be there, it's definitely no excuse not to get all sparkled up! Black and silver make a striking team - starting with a sequined little black dress and adding some silver sparkles, it's ok to then match it with very subtle hints of gold such as the detailing on this gorgeous Max clutch and gold nails peeking out from these hot t-bar heels. I adore this bangle from Dyrberg Kern and one is definitely going to be added to my jewellery collection! This is definitely one of those outfits that says you're ready for a fab night, and a glass of my favourite champers Veuve Clicquot would go down a treat while rocking this outfit! 

You can check out our other What to Wear posts by using our Search the Archives 'by theme' box on the right. x

Silver Clutch by Max | Drop Earrings by Dyrberg Kern | Silver Bangle by Dyrberg Kern | Black Sequin Dress by Max | 'Golden Eye' Nailpolish by Opi | T-Bar Peep Toe Heels by Max | 'Desire' Fragrance by Dolce & Gabbana 

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