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When planning a wedding, it can be hard to find that special wedding professional, and more often than not the final decision is based on a recommendation. That’s where we come in! Our readers come to The Directory page knowing that the wedding professionals they find there are thoughtfully recommended by us..

We are careful in who is selected to join The Big Day Directory. It’s a qualified list that gets great exposure - especially as we often like to include content on our blog from The Directory businesses. Some of them are up-and- coming, some well-known, some small businesses and some large, either way we only feature businesses we know will do a great job. Our commitment is to quality and our readers can trust that The Directory suppliers are reliable, passionate, talented, enthusiastic, friendly and most of all care about weddings.

We LOVE to receive recommendations for The Directory. If you do have a recommendation of a fabulous wedding professional that you think we should contact, please email us at, we’d love to hear from you!

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